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France – one of the most fascinating country in the world. From its beautiful sceneries, rich culture, and generous people, this is a country you should consider visiting at least once in your lifetime. Whether you need the best hotels, the most sort after natural phenomena, or all you want is to take memorable pictures in some of the best man-made structures in the globe, this French country will never disappoint. This country you see in your France wallpaper is home to intriguing cities. They are all credited for being highly satisfying to both regular and new visitors. If you want to get the best out of your visit to this French nation, below are some of the cities you should consider visiting.

France Wallpaper

Paris Wallpapers

You cannot mention France and fail to mention Paris. Similarly, you cannot have an amazing France wallpaper without Paris in it. Even in leading tourist guide books, this is the city that it is highly recommended, due to its astounding beauty, and the range of places you can visit and have fun to the maximum. If you want to see a perfect blend of history and architecture revolution, the Eiffel Tower will give you just that. Walk around the tower, or even get to the top and watch the breath-taking view of the city below while taking numerous selfies that you will show to your future generations. Popularly known to locals as the City of Lights, Paris is always glittering at night. You can sit on top of your hotel, or take a stroll at the Cathedral of Notre Dame as you enjoy the cool air in this top city in France.

Mont Saint-Michel backgrounds

This city is a true definition of the beauty that Mother Nature can offer. It might not be the very best city to visit, but it is a must-see, and one place that will give you value for your hard-earned money and treasured time. Here, you will have an opportunity to enjoy the great views of the landscape that surround the bluish ocean, and there are numerous places you can climb with your loved ones. If you love holiday shopping, there are a great deal of stores that will help you achieve this, not forgetting the large number of great hotels where you can live like a king and have a reason to come back. Don't forget to take photos of this cool city.

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The Cities on the French Riviera High definition photos

The Riviera is home to some of the best cities and lodging villages in France. Cities such as Cannes, La Turbie, St. Tropez, and Antibes will offer you with a golden opportunity to make the best out of your holiday. The cities here offer both economical and high-end lodging facilities; hence you can be lest assured that there will be something in store for you regardless of your budget.


Difficult to pronounce, huh? Well, do not worry! However you pronounce it, this is one of the best cities to visit in your next visit to the French nation. From the city, you can take a one hour drive and enjoy your holiday out of the city in the popular Fontainebleau Forest. Whether you crave for bird watching, hiking, or hill climbing, then the place to be is in the city of Fontainebleau.

As I can see there are a bunch of beautiful places to have a great France wallpaper.